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Welcome to Amenity Wax Spot and Spa in The Bronx, NY – your premier destination for luxurious full body waxing services. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is committed to providing you with a comfortable and exceptional waxing experience. From head to toe, we offer a comprehensive range of waxing services that cater to your unique needs and preferences.

Our Services:

Body Waxing: At Amenity Wax Spot and Spa, we specialize in expert body waxing that leaves your skin silky smooth and impeccably groomed. Our trained technicians use the finest quality waxes to ensure a thorough and gentle removal of unwanted hair.

Honey Wax: Experience the natural goodness of honey wax that is known for its gentle effectiveness. Our honey waxing technique is designed to minimize discomfort while achieving fantastic results.

Shoulders: Achieve a clean and polished look with our shoulder waxing service. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to confidence.

Back or Chest: Our back and chest waxing services are tailored to suit the preferences of both men and women. Smooth, hair-free skin is just a session away.

Buttocks (Only Women): For our female clients, our specialized buttocks waxing service ensures a flawlessly smooth finish.

Full Arms: Flaunt sleek and hairless arms with our expert full arm waxing. Enjoy the sensation of beautifully soft skin without the hassle of daily shaving.

Under Arms: Stay confidently fresh with our underarm waxing service. Ditch the razor and embrace long-lasting smoothness.

Half Legs: Whether you're gearing up for a special occasion or just want to feel your best, our half leg waxing will leave your legs looking and feeling incredibly smooth.

Full Legs: Indulge in the luxury of full leg waxing that covers every inch with precision and care. Experience the freedom of radiant skin.

Regular Bikini (Only Women): Our regular bikini waxing is designed to provide a neat and tidy bikini line, leaving you feeling confident and beach-ready.

Extended Bikini Line (Only Women): For a slightly more extensive grooming, our extended bikini line waxing service ensures you're prepared for any situation.

Brazilian Bikini (Only Women): Discover the epitome of grooming with our Brazilian bikini waxing. Enjoy the ultimate clean feeling and confidently rock any outfit.

Blue Wax Brazilian Bikini (Only Women): Experience the innovation of blue wax Brazilian bikini waxing, designed for exceptional results with minimal discomfort.

Why Choose Us:

At Amenity Wax Spot and Spa, we pride ourselves on being one of the best waxing salons in The Bronx. Our dedicated team is committed to providing professional waxing in a comfortable and hygienic environment. We offer competitive waxing prices and periodic waxing deals to ensure our services are accessible to all. Our studio is equipped with the latest techniques and premium waxes to deliver a top-notch experience.

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Are you searching for "full body waxing near me"? Look no further! Schedule your waxing Appointment with Amenity Wax Spot and Spa today and experience the difference of expert waxing services in The Bronx. Get ready to embrace the confidence that comes with smooth, beautiful skin.